A global campaign that places Ebola survivor stories at the center of efforts to inform, protect, and inspire

Pa Santigie

Although not a survivor himself, this town chief makes survival possible

Thomas Massaquoi

This survivor made the village his classroom to teach protective health practices

Jerald Dennis

This survivor will stop at nothing to curb the outbreak and heal those wounded in its path

Mustapha and Mabinty

This sibling-in-law duo led their family through Ebola treatment, loss, and stigma

Zorbo Dor

This survivor draws from his experience to help others avoid similar sickness, sorrow, and stigma

#ISurvivedEbola is a multi-dimensional communications campaign that uses entertainment media to inform, engage, and empower audiences to tackle Ebola.

Commissioned by campaign partners the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and Vulcan Productions, #ISurvivedEbola is being implemented by PCI Media Impact in collaboration with UNICEF. The campaign is part of Paul G. Allen’s broader #TackleEbola initiative, and is consistent with Mr. Allen’s overall efforts.

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